Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Changing the ESX license server

I had to change and reset the license server on a number of hosts, and thanks to the brilliant Hugo Peeters, and some assistance from one of our scripting guru's here at work, I knocked up some Powershell to reach out to a cluster and check the status of it's license server. If the service is stopped, or not responding the correct server, it is corrected and restarted. It's also nicely wrapped into a function :)

Function Set-ESXLicenseHost


$ESXHosts = get-vmhost

ForEach ($VMHost in $ESXHosts)


$SI = Get-View ServiceInstance

$LM = Get-View $SI.Content.LicenseManager

$VMHostView = Get-VMHost $VMHost


$VMHostRef = $VMHostView.MoRef

$LicUse = $LM.QueryLicenseUsage($VMHostRef)


If ($LicUse.sourceAvailable -ne 'True')


write-output "Not Available - resetting service"

$hostref = ($VMHost


$LicServer = “INT01VCC01”

$licsrc = New-Object VMware.Vim.LicenseServerSource

$licsrc.LicenseServer = $LicServer





write-output "Available"





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