Tuesday, 27 July 2010

No Performance Stat History In Virtual Center 4.0

Before Christmas we moved our VCC over from a SQL2000 to SQL2005 x64 cluster. This was to support the recent upgrade to vSphere 4, as well as move the system from an ageing pair of Windows 2003 servers to new HP DL380 G6 systems running Windows 2008. After many nights of issues we got everything moved, and thought we had put it all to bed...

A call was logged today and passed to the team I work in to look at an issue with historical Performance stats not running in one of our VCC's. We had a serious issue on Friday that was solved by the KB 1000125, and I thought this may have been the cause. Taking a look, it seems that actually none of the SQL jobs had  been migrated when the database came over. Our standard backup and tuning jobs apply to all non-system DB's, so these were OK but there were no VS4 specific jobs enabled for this server. I followed KB 1004382 to add the scripts back in, and kicked off the first job.

After a waiting a while, I checked - Row Count on VPX_HIST_STAT1 = 62953799

Guess I'll leave it a while then.


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